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Alexa and Google Chat Bots using .Net

I recently gave a presentation at the Auckland .Net User Group entitled "Ok Google, ask Alexa how to make a Chat Bot". The presentation covered the basics of some popular chat bot software options including Amazon Alexa, Google Home/DialogFlow and Microsoft's LUIS, and how you can get up and running with them today using .NET Core. A quick overview and a link to the

Abstract Have you ever asked Amazon's Alexa or Google's Assistant a question, only to be disappointed when they couldn't help you out? Well, be disappointed no longer, as it for us as .NET developers to create custom chat bots with just a little bit of code and some Azure functions. In this session, we will look at what makes up a chat bot, discuss the differences between the Amazon Alexa, Google DialogFlow/Actions and Microsoft Bots frameworks, and create a custom skill of our own.


Presentation Download Link

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