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Eight-Bot and Azure

Azure enables Eight-Bot to build code that scales from the beginning. We consider Azure the best and easiest-to-use foundation for any custom development we do. The backbone of a truly excellent user experience is Azure. 

Cloud Development

Azure PaaS

We can help jump start your cloud transition. Take advantage of Azure Pass Services. By using hosted services, you can get out of the server maintenance game.


Why move to the cloud?

  • NO MORE servers to manage, patch, or restart.

  • Instant scale.

  • Built in monitoring.

  • Custom alerts.

  • Automated builds and deployments.

  • Jump all in or move one piece/function at a time.

Empowering Your Business

  • Move your existing intranet applications to the cloud.

  • Keep them private and only accessible over vpn.

  • Make them public, but protect them with Azure Active Directory.

  • Access on premise databases, servers or other apis.

  • Move both your web applications and database, or just move one or the other.

Azure Paas

Platform as a Service

Take advantage of Azure PaaS offerings including:

  • App Service

  • SQL Database

  • Cosmos DB

  • Cognitive Services

  • Storage - Blobs Queues & Tables

  • Redis Cache

  • Functions

  • Azure Active Directory

  • Application Insights

  • Virtual Network

  • VPN Gateway





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