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Texas Roadhouse

Built for iOS and Android using

Microsoft's Xamarin Framework

Texas Roadhouse wanted to provide a mobile app that allows its employees to access important business information in real-time - when and where they need it.  By integrating with TR's existing API infrastructure and taking advantage of MS Azure, Eight-Bot was able to help TR build a strong foundation for their employees to remain connected from anywhere. From identifying product quality issues to understanding the best way to handle unusual scenarios at the store, TR's employees now have the information they need at their fingertips at any time, day or night.

iOS and Android app built using Xamarin
VSTS for project and ASP.NET Core for API
Azure for image storage
Alexa & Google Home implementations

Ducks Unlimited

Built for iOS and Android using

Microsoft's Xamarin Framework

Ducks Unlimited wanted to update an existing Phone Gap app that was buggy and only supported limited features.  The goal was to provide a mobile app that allows its members to access important information in real-time.  They were looking for a team that could work as an extension of their own team.  Eight-Bot had both the experience to help with best practices and the experience of working with another development team on a project this size.  Starting with Xamarin training & best practices, DU added the knowledge necessary to assist Eight-Bot with app dev while managing their Azure implementation for image management and APIs. DU is also using AWS for push notifications.  Ducks Unlimited members can look forward to a 'native' app that will support their needs now and into the future.

iOS and Android app built using Xamarin - happily replace Phone Gap
Slack for project communication 
Azure for image storage & AWS for push notifications

PDR Mobile


Built for iOS and Android using
Microsoft's Xamarin Framework

PDR Mobile provides a fully-featured mobile application allowing paintless dent repair (PDR) businesses to estimate, repair, invoice and track payments all from a mobile device. Eight-Bot assisted PDR Mobile in building out both the back-end using Azure with ASP.NET web API and mobile using Microsoft's Xamarin framework.

iOS and Android app built using Xamarin
Full enterprise feature-set on mobile platform
Integrated with Azure including blob storage



Built for iOS and Android using

Microsoft's Xamarin Framework

LocusView provides a mobile app that allows oil and gas pipe installers to pressure-test their installations on-site with immediate feedback and results. By integrating the pressure sensing device data with LocusView's existing AWS infrastructure using ASP.NET web API and Microsoft's Xamarin framework, Eight-Bot was able to help LocusView support the real-time testing needs of their clients.

iOS and Android app built using Xamarin
Pressure-sensing device integration
iOS and Android app built using Xamarin
Offline and sync functionality
OData custom integration
Web-based admin portal with AWS integration

Advanced Tech Services


Built for iOS and Android using

Microsoft's Xamarin Framework

ATS wanted to provide a mobile app that allows factory maintenance service employees to manage their work orders in real-time - where the maintenance occurs.  By integrating with ATS's existing API infrastructure, Eight-Bot was able to help ATS build a work order management system. From creation of work orders and tasks to managing equipment up and down time, the process has been streamlined and most importantly, standardized across the enterprise.

Offline and sync functionality

Artsonia App


Built for iOS and Android using

Microsoft's Xamarin framework

Artsonia is the world's largest online kids' art museum. The app allows teachers, students, and parents to capture, view and comment on the student's artwork. Artsonia had a need to add Android to an existing iOS mobile app while bringing the iOS app up to modern mobile app standards. Artsonia decided to use Microsoft's Xamarin framework in order to take advantage of the shared code element across platforms.

iOS and Android app built using Xamarin
Image capture, crop, rotate, and distort management
Complex device memory management

Destinate App


Built for Windows

Destinate, built as a showcase Windows Mobile app, helps users alert loved ones when they leave a predefined location or arrive at a predefined destination.

McNelly Services App


Built for iOS using Microsoft's

Xamarin platform

McNelly Services' app allows field technicians to track time on a per work order basis. This allows them to be more efficient, capturing critical job information including arrival and completion notes. The app allows the technicians to capture photos on-site. The app has allowed both back office and field service users to be far more efficient all while exposing better, more updated information to their clients.

Native Windows phone
App notifications and integration with Twilio
Personalized location management
iOS and Android app built using Xamarin
Live timekeeping functionality
Photos, notes, time tracking, location and work order management
Rackspace integration

Murray Wise Associates


Custom Land Auction Management Site

Murray Wise was searching for a solution that could be used during high-stakes, high-speed land auctions. The solution, built using Microsoft ASP.NET MVC frameworkd along with SignalR web sockets connected to and Azure back-end, is a highly scalable, responsive site that met Murray Wise's needs.

Web app with live auction management
Live Android display of leader boards 
Complex algorithm for bid management
Azure integration
SignalR / Web sockets
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