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To help our clients get data to those that need it when it is needed.


Mobility - We utilize data where it is needed

We understand that one pivotal key to driving your enterprise forward is putting your data where it can best be utilized. We want to make sure your data is available to your employees and your their fingertips, when and where the data is needed.
  • Xamarin.Forms  

  • Xamarin.iOS  

  • Xamarin.Android

Voice - Let customers talk to your chat bots

By allowing your customers to talk to you via a chat bot, you are enabling a whole other level of service. Whether it be to allow customers to order ahead and make reservations or to simply get frequently answered questions resolved, chat bots offer a good deal of flexibility and can save significant time and money for customer service employees. This, in turn, allows those employees to solve the hard problems.
  • Amazon Alexa   

  • Skills   

  • Google Assistant    

  • Actions on Google    

  • Dialogflow   

  • Chat bots  

  • Bot Framework 

Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Cloud - Let the cloud free your data

By moving your data to the cloud you can have infinite scalability, 99+% uptime, data localization, and many more features quickly and easily.  You can get all of what the cloud offers at a fraction of what it costs to purchase and deploy your own servers.
  • Microsoft Web API 

  • SQL Server   

  • Virtual Machines   

  • Blob Storage 


Integration - Enhance legacy systems with robust languages, frameworks, and APIs

Expand your current solutions while retaining your investment. We build solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Windows Server Microsoft.Net   

  • Active Directory 

  • Visual Studio Plug-Ins   

  • Windows Management Instrumentation


Implementation - Help ensure success with our proven methology

Let us work with your existing methodology (while bringing the experience of dozens of successful mobile projects), or let us introduce you to our proven methodology.  We are here to help ensure your project's success from the moment we engage with your team.  
  • Agile 

  • Scrum 

  • Stand-ups

  • Demo


Eight-Bot's Priority

Let our highly-rated trainers give you the power to jump start your mobile development on Xamarin!

Let our Xamarin Preferred Trainers come to your enterprise and train your team, setting them up for success from day one!  We will even help kick-start your project, further ensuring a successful mobile app from the start.
  • Xamarin University On Site Training   

  • Project Kick-Starter Sessions  

  • Dev Xamarin Certifications 

Xamarin University Certified Trainer
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