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Introducing Regional Xamarin Training 

Let Eight-Bot's Xamarin certified trainers share our wealth of Xamarin development knowledge with you and your local peers!

Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner
Xamarin University Certified Trainer

Learn to develop mobile apps with Xamarin

Xamarin Training
Let our Xamarin Certified Trainers train you and your peers, setting you up for success from day one! We can even work with you directly on a small portion of your project.
Whether you have already started developing an app with Xamarin and are looking to expand your knowledge, or are just in the early stages of considering Xamarin for your mobile platform, Eight-Bot will help you learn best practices with our 5-day training course.  
We use the same content as Xamarin University, but with a more hands-on, personal approach.  You will always be trained by a Xamarin Certified Trainer that has real-life experience building dozens of apps on the platform.

What, Where, and How Much?

  • Eight-Bot will host and train local cross-organization developers in a weeklong course in getting started with Xamarin. This will be equivalent to on-site training, but will not require one organization to account for 5-10 developers.  
  • Starting in Chicago, IL we will provide training when we have a minimum of 10 participants signed-up.
    • We will expand this to other cities as we see a need, based on individual requests.    
  • One week local Xamarin training will cost a pre-paid fee of $1,800 per developer.  
  • This fee will include:
    • Dedicated location for the week
    • ​​Full training course materials approved by Microsoft 
    • Intensive dive into Xamarin development best practices
    • Hands-on coding labs with a Xamarin expert
    • Continental breakfast, coffee, water, soda, and lunch daily
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