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On-Site Xamarin University Training 

Let Eight-Bot's Xamarin certified trainers share our wealth of Xamarin development knowledge with your team.  

Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner
Xamarin University Certified Trainer

Train your team to develop mobile apps with Xamarin

Xamarin Training
Let our Xamarin Certified Trainers come to your enterprise and train your team, setting them up for success from day one!  We will even help kick-start your project, further ensuring a successful mobile app from the start.
Whether you have already started developing an app with Xamarin and are looking to expand your team, or are just in the early stages of considering Xamarin for your mobile platform, Eight-Bot will help you train a team with our 5-day training course.  
We use the same content as Xamarin University, but with a more hands-on, personal approach.  You will always be trained by a Xamarin Certified Trainer that has hands-on experience building dozens of apps on the platform.
Once our training is complete, your developers will each receive a year of Xamarin University and be eligible to take the Xamarin Certification exam.

Kick-Start your project with our experienced developers 

It is no mistake that Xamarin chose Eight-Bot as its very first North American training partner.  Our team has trained many organizations on Xamarin's behalf.  When Xamarin needed to train internal Microsoft employees on Xamarin's tools, they called Eight-Bot.  We know the platform in and out.  From Xamarin.iOS and Android to Xamarin.Forms, Eight-Bot has the experience developing with these tools that will help your team start-off on the right foot.  
There are many ways to develop using Xamarin, and no one will be an expert immediately after a week-long training session.  It takes some level of experience to start your project and to hit the ground running.  Let Eight-Bot's experienced, certified developers help your team get started quickly and efficiently.  We will help you avoid the pitfalls that we experienced over the many years of developing on the Xamarin platform.  Our Kick-Start guarantees you a solution proof-of-concept or several working screens*.  
Let Eight-Bot guide you down the path to success! 

Our training services:

  • One week on-site certified Xamarin training to get your developers started.  
    • $2000/dev. (5-7 developers)
    • $1750/dev. (7-10 developers)
      • Plus travel expenses
    • Call for enterprise pricing if more than 10 developers will be trained.
  • On-site Project Kick-Starter (deep dive into your first Xamarin app).  You must be Xamarin certified or have attended our one-week on-site training course. 
    • $12,500 per week (includes full day architecture session and 4 days of intense app-specific guidance and assisted coding)
    • Plus travel expenses
    • Working proof of concept or up to 4 working mobile screens*.
*Number of screens or size of proof of concept dependent upon number of and level of developers. 
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