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Meet Our Leadership Team

Michael Stonis | Founder & CEO

Michael Stonis

Founder - CEO

Mike is a recognized leader in the Xamarin and .Net community.  Having presented at industry conferences, and being recognized on a short list of Xamarin MVPs, Mike shares his experience and knowledge whenever he gets the chance.  


Prior to founding Eight-Bot, Mike was a co-founder at healthcare integrator Prosch consulting (now Occam).  Between Prosch and his time at PWC, Mike gained a full appreciation for what clients look for in a solution.  He realized early that the enterprise was becoming mobile.  It was this belief in empowering employees that caused Mike to pull together Nathan, Tony, and AJ with a vision of helping organizations 'go mobile' in order to drive large-scale improvement in profitability.  

Mike specializes in designing and implementing integrated enterprise solutions. He has a very strong understanding of enterprise application integration (EAI), and a proven record of delivering scalable, efficient and flexible solutions.  Mike continues to live at the forefront of technology, always searching for the most optimal way to help business strive for efficiency.  


Xamarin MVP
Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer
Microsoft Certified Professional
Nathan Yorke | Co-Founder | Chief Strategy Officer

Nathan Yorke

Co-Founder - Chief Strategy Officer

Nathan helped found Eight-Bot on the belief that data presented where and when it is needed could help organizations thrive in a data-centric world. 

He is a software engineer specializing in architecting  and implementing enterprise applications using agile practices. Nathan has a long history of delivering solutions that are on time, well thought out, and manageable for years to come. It is that solution longevity that makes Nathan an excellent strategic thinking when it comes to problem solving.


Nathan has worked with the .NET platform for over 10 years, building everything from MVC web sites to cloud based solutions using Azure. Nathan is all-things Microsoft.  He was even one of the last hold-outs using a Windows Phone for personal use. 


If architecture and technology strategy is what you are looking for, Nathan is your man.

Microsoft Certified Professional
Tony Nuzzo | Co-Founder | COO

Tony Nuzzo

Co-Founder - COO

Tony is a business operations specialist with an avid desire to help clients define, design, and improve their processes through the use of technology. 


While working at IBM Tony was lucky enough to help many organizations integrate their data, re-engineer processes, and create strategy for improving their operations (from productivity enhancement to increasing sales revenue).


Prior to working with IBM, he spent fourteen years with Zebra Technologies, where he sat on the businesses side of the table working with IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Product Management, and Finance to navigate complex challenges.  From defining critical processes ripe for improvement, to building a strategy for outsourcing products, his goal was always to help teams understand technology from the business user’s perspective. 

Tony has an undergraduate degree in Operations Management and Information Systems from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management.

AJ Rotolo | Co-Founder | CTO

AJ Rotolo

Co-Founder - CTO

AJ's entrepreneurial spirit goes into everything he touches.  Whether working on new technology internally or working with clients, his "how does this help the business" approach to design and development goes a long way to ensure the chosen technology is right for the job.   

He has a history of delivering solutions that are on time, well thought out, and that stand the test of time. AJ has worked in a variety of industries from healthcare, real estate, finance, to field service, and construction.


He has a strong passion for developing mobile applications. He has worked with the .NET platform for over 8 years building everything from MVC web sites to native Android and Xamarin solutions.  AJ also has a passion for learning as he enjoys the pace of new technology (as well as long walks on the beach).

By leveraging solid development methodologies, AJ ensures that Eight-Bot's clients are successful and focused on quality throughout the process. 

Microsoft Certified Professional
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