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Eight-Bot featured in Illinois Technology Association’s Spotlight

Eight-Bot brings businesses into the future. We do that by helping our clients develop solutions to Integrate, Automate and Modernize their business. Whether it is helping them breathe new life to their existing systems with APIs and custom integration or creating mobile applications to put your business in the palm of your hand, we are always looking for ways to make everything awesome.

With Michael Stonis, Founder/President


Eight-Bot, Inc.




What gave you the idea to start your company? Did it just “come to you” or were you noodling it for a while?

We had all been working in enterprise software development and integration for the last 10+ years and in just the last few we have had some massive changes in technology and in the demands from the users.

Enterprise software used to mean purchasing some monolithic solution from a big vendor for massive amounts of money. The kind of stuff where you had to structure your entire IT budget around it. These systems were often times closed, extremely complicated and required dedicated resources to manage and understand them. In the end, businesses rarely saw the ROI that were looking for.

It just isn’t the case anymore. With the rise of cloud computing and software APIs, we can break free from traditional enterprise software. Software vendors, like SalesForce, provide businesses a way to get access to their data when and how they want it. No massive installs or long-term contracts. Cloud hosting means we can expand our IT offerings on-the-fly. It’s incredible.

At the same time, software development tools have become extremely sophisticated. The effort that it takes to create enterprise-grade custom software has dropped dramatically. With your same developers, you can get so much more done now.

People are pretty tech savvy now, too. Pretty much everyone has a mobile phone now and being familiar with the Internet is a given. We can’t get away with developing terminal applications and clunky software anymore. They want their company to be as mobile as they are and have their information with them at all times.

I love helping people solve these kinds of problems. So, I reached out to some of the best developers and business people that I knew and we decided to start-up a company to address these needs.

What’s your elevator pitch?

Eight-Bot wants to help you build a better enterprise. We are software craftsmen specializing in the design and implementation of enterprise solutions. We focus on making the right business decisions first and making the right technology decisions later. Help us rethink your business.