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Call us for the hard stuff, or when a time-sensitive project just can't find the internal resources.  We are mobile and custom app development specialists available to run your project. We will work to successfully build your app the first time. Then we'll support your app or our certified trainers will train your team to take over from there.  


By focusing our project teams on mobile development using Microsoft's Xamarin platform, and web app development, we can help your organization move forward faster. We will modernize your legacy systems so you don't have to purchase new enterprise software. We strive to get your data to those who need it, when they need it. Achieving this goal allows our clients to improve decision-making, increase efficiency, and enrich the customer experience.


By building cross-platform mobile apps on Microsoft’s Xamarin platform, we can put your organization’s data in the palm of your hands, enabling you to make better business decisions on the go. We don’t need separate iOS developers and Android developers…just Xamarin developers that can build native, cross-platform apps with as much as 95% shared code, saving both time and money.

Cloud with Microsoft Azure
02 / CLOUD

We will help your organization move data to the cloud. With Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, your data is backed-up and maintained and most importantly – available wherever and whenever you need it.

03 / VOICE

Our development team will work to make your Alexa and Google Home workflows drive more customers to your business. We utilize Amazon Alexa Skills and Actions on Google to help customers use voice to get in contact with your organizations through the most popular new technology.


Regardless of your project methodology, we will adapt to your organization’s needs. Our proven methodology will help you organize your project in a way that will ensure success. From start to finish, you’ll see progress and be comforted by the fact that you are in good hands.


Our API development team will help unleash your data, making it available enterprise–wide, when and where you need it. Utilize our methodology to enhance and extend the life of your legacy systems.


Our Xamarin Certified Training team is one of the few in the world that Xamarin trusts for on-site training. When Xamarin trains Microsoft employees on Xamarin, they call Eight-Bot.  Let us train your team to become Xamarin Certified!

Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner
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Xamarin University Certified Trainer
The Eight-Bot Difference
Xamarin Partner
Microsoft Partner



From the beginning, our passion was to help gather our client’s disparate data and present it where it was needed. Along came mobile. 

We quickly realized that making data available to users on the go was a powerful tool that would allow our clients to make better business decisions in real-time. Our Chicago app development team brings a Midwest work ethic and a west coast spirit to building custom mobile and web apps for our clients.


In 2014, mobile use surpassed desktop use for the first time. Mobile devices have become increasingly important within the enterprise.

As mobile transaction volumes increase, the need for employees to use technology that will improve productivity and enhance decision making is paramount to business success.  By giving your team the data they need WHERE and WHEN they need it, you can build a competitive advantage. Stay a step ahead of your competition. Let Eight-Bot help you get started.  


What separates Eight-Bot from other mobile development teams?  It starts with the way we look at your solution.  We are architects first and foremost.  We want to build a solution that can stand the test of time.  We utilize only experienced developers on our projects.  Our small teams work with laser-like focus to ensure your app's success.  

We have trained dozens of companies on Xamarin.  Our experience and knowledge is second to none.  We are Xamarin Premier Partners and one of the only Xamarin Training Partners in the World.  We have earned that trust.  Let us earn yours.   

Texas roadhouse

From providing product quality feedback to finding out how to handle different types of emergencies, this enterprise-level Xamarin mobile app allows Texas Roadhouse employees, "Roadies", to stay informed, communicate, and ensure they are free to provide their legendary service.  


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