Web APIs aren’t just for Startups anymore

Companies like Twitter, Google and Facebook are opening up access to their data for people to interact with, aggregate, and do fantastic things that they never thought possible. This is all because of their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). An API allows a company to create and expose definitions of their business objects and business processes which other software or companies can then access.

For most companies, small and large alike, their environment is made up of multiple solutions. Marketing, accounting, operations, IT all have their own software packages. Unfortunately, the data shared between them is often limited and many times inconsistent. Vendor lock-in and obscure technologies only make it even harder to liberate your data for outside use. To top it off, your development staff is spending way too much time recreating access to the same data and battling issues with security. There has to be a better way.

Microsoft, IBM and PwC agree that creating an Enterprise-Wide API solution offers your company a way to finally get to all of your data in a consistent and solution-agnostic manner. Whether you are looking to provide mobile, web, desktop or command line applications, an Enterprise API would allow you to access your data when and how you want it.

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