Mobility is an essential extension of your enterprise applications

Our goal is to provide solutions that have the biggest impact on your business. We utilize businesses APIs to create awesome apps for internal and external use.

Eight-Bot has partnered with Xamarin to create Amazing Mobile Applications for iOS, Android and Windows 8 developed in .Net using Visual Studio.

Why should we consider Mobilizing our Enterprise Applications?

Today, mobile devices are gateways to the world.  The phone in your pocket is no longer just a device for making and receiving calls.  Rather it is a powerful, mobile business asset.


Mobility delivers applications and information that was once elusive to businesses.  Devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are increasingly more powerful and offer features that make them more secure for sharing critical business information. Charting, dashboards, and real-time communication is all possible.


There is now a whole generation of employees that have grown up with mobile devices.  These employees will increasingly demand that their business operate the same way in which they live.  They are accustomed to a world where Twitter delivers instant information in the palm of your hand.  Rather than see this as a problem, leading businesses are embracing this new paradigm.  Providing the appropriate ability to access a troubled server, visibility to a client placing a critical order, or seeing when a component is stuck in customs is sparking an employee engagement revolution. This revolution is fueling productivity gains and greatly improved decision making.


Mobile devices allow us to do more than just receive notifications.  They allow us to react to them.  Using any mainstream iOS, Android, or Windows device, an employee can take action to restart servers, approve orders, and take the necessary steps to clear customs for that critical component.  These devices open opportunities that a traditional desktop PC couldn’t.  By interacting with GPS, Bluetooth, and Near Field Communications (NFC), the portable format becomes incredibly powerful allowing us to capture positional data that can be used to track shipments, jobs, work sites, etc. and interact with our immediate environment in ways that were not previously possible.

Mobility enables knowledge, collaboration, and digital workflow


  • Mobility enables a knowledge-driven workforce
  • Mobility provides a wide range of collaboration capabilities at a low cost
  • Mobility provides a digital workflow from customers and work sites
  • Mobility enables innovation via Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose (AMP)
  • Mobility creates a whole new world opportunities for engagement

Let Eight-Bot help direct your organization toward a more mobile future