Michael Stonis - President / Technologist Xamarin, Web API, Integration

I am passionate about the design and implementation of efficient, self-managed and highly-integrated solutions.

From healthcare and service to manufacturing and construction, I have worked in and around many industries, learning best practices for the architecture of scalable, long-lasting applications.

For over 10 years, I have developed on the Microsoft .NET platform.  Over the last 4-5 years, I have been focused on Microsoft’s Xamarin platform. From helping develop training materials for Xamarin University to building more than a dozen multi-platform apps, I have been involved with Xamarin since the company’s founding, eventually becoming a Xamarin MVP.

I have also spent a good deal of time working with Microsoft’s Azure and Web API platforms, developing RESTful APIs and cloud services in order to bring mobile technologies to the enterprise.  I believe that gaining access to your company’s data and providing it to mobile users is critical to the future of enterprise development.

Nathan Yorke - Partner / Senior Developer Azure, Web API, MVC

I have a strong passion for developing web and mobile enterprise applications.

For the past 10 plus years, I have worked on the .NET platform building everything from MVC web sites to cloud-based solutions using Azure.  I have a long history of delivering solutions that are on time, well thought out, and scalable.  I have worked in a variety of industries from healthcare, real estate, finance, to service and construction.

Although I am comfortable with any project style, I am best at applying agile practices.  By following scrum methodology, I am able to deliver what our clients wants the first time.  I believe that by following the agile methodology I can be clear with our clients throughout a project’s lifecycle so there are rarely any surprises.

AJ Rotolo - Partner / Senior Developer Xamarin, Web API, Azure

My passion is for developing mobile software.

In my 8 plus years of developing software, I take great pride in staying up-to-date on the latest technology and trends.  I am currently focused on utilizing Microsoft’s Xamarin platform to build cross-platform apps efficiently.  

Lately I have been getting more involved with the Azure platform, using SQL and web API to get data to Xamarin’s mobile platform.

I truly enjoy being involved in the entire lifecycle of projects from design to deployment.  I feel this continuous involvement helps ensure the success of any project.  

Tony Nuzzo - Partner / Business Dev and Operations

Early in my career (really prior to day 1) I set out to learn how an organization operates, from sales and marketing, to accounting, to engineering and operations.
I have been lucky enough to work in many different roles and to work with many amazing people. I am now an entrepreneur, leader, and strategist. I have helped dozens of organizations integrate, re-engineer processes, and create strategy for improving their operations.

I have been a buyer, IT analyst, new product development manager, project manager, sales person, marketer, and strategist. I have been on both the business and consulting side of the table. As a result, I have a unique ability to navigate complex challenges and work closely with a highly diverse set of individuals.
What have I learned most from over 20 years of experience?

• Honesty and integrity matters most.

• Go and See is the best first step in problem solving.

• Doing what is right for a client is more important than doing what is popular.

• That I have a passion for working with organizations to make things better – to remove waste – that’s my process nature.