Xamarin Experts

We have a long history with Xamarin.

We were working with the technology before they were Microsoft…even before they were Xamarin.

As a Premier Partner, EightBot is among a small group of partners that has successfully built dozens of multi-platform apps using the Xamarin framework.

When it comes to mobile, we are Xamarin.  It is the ONLY platform we use.


EightBot and Xamarin Supporting Your Success

We can help you Accelerate Time-to-Market by sharing code across OS platforms.

We can help Ensure App Adoption by releasing updates to multiple platforms quickly, with consistent results on any device.

We can help Resolve Issues Quickly.  Since much of the code is shared, fixed often involve updating the code in one place.

We can help Future-proof Your Investment.  By allowing you to write your code in .Net, your code can always be ported to another future platform.

PDR Mobile - Setting Standards for PDR Business Management

PDR Mobile was looking for a solution that could help dent removal techs

manage their business without paper.  They turned to Eight-Bot to

build a complete iOS and Android solution that provides a full-featured app for

their user-base.  By utilizing Xamarin and Azure as the foundation, Eight-Bot was

able to push a scalable mobile solution to PDR Mobiles users.

To date, users have been singing the praises of  efficiency improvements and

revenue generation through a more streamlined, consistent, and paperless process.

Artsonia - Worlds Largest Kid's Art Museum

Artsonia was looking for a solution that could help advance their iOS capabilities

while adding an Android solution that would help grow their user base.  Based on

our strong Xamarin knowledge and proven success, Artsonia turned to Eight-Bot

to help realize their vision.  Needing a complex image management solution,

Eight-Bot built an app that processes hundreds of image uploads with no memory

issues on iOS or Android devices.  Thanks to Xamarin, Artsonia is able to

support thousands of users, downloading tens of thousands of pieces of artwork

every day…all with native app performance and faster release turnaround times.

Flight Schedule Pro - Leader in Aircraft Scheduling

Flight Schedule Pro (FSP)  was looking for a solution that could help bring their

mobile scheduling vision to reality.  They turned to Eight-Bot in order to support

their planned iOS and Android development.  Starting with iOS, FSP decided to go

with Xamarin as the foundation and release a product they could be proud of.  The

key element was ease of scheduling aircraft and clean visibility into the aircraft and

instructor availability.

McNelly Services - Leading Commercial Services Organization

McNelly Services was looking for a solution that could help grow the company

quickly, while providing their customers with top-notch, real-time feedback on

their service requests.  McNelly turned to Eight-Bot to help build out their custom

web and mobile  solutions.  With questions about iOS versus Android, McNelly

needed a platform that would allow for development on either solution.

By using Xamarin as the foundation, Eight-Bot was able to build a solution that

allows McNelly’s technicians to track their work on-site, while it occurs.

This enabled McNelly to complete their billing cycles nearly 4x faster.  Most

importantly though, it has helped McNelly win new business from local