Integration, Automation And Modernization


Infrastructure Automation

Stop repetitive tasks and manual processing and let the business accelerate.

Enterprise Integration

Every business solution and data store that isn’t available enterprise-wide is a missed opportunity.

Solution Modernization

Evolve your legacy investment using the latest languages, frameworks and APIs.  Liberate your data with mobile solutions built on Xamarin.


I’m pleasantly surprised when I hire a consultant and they produce an amazing project, but I’ve been blown away with how I’ve never seen Mike do anything but. Project after project, Mike methodically constructs best in breed applications using a wide array of technologies, creative solutions, and a clear expertise that goes well beyond most developers. Finally, I say this with the utmost respect to my fellow developers, Mike is not a “developer”. If you met Mike on the street, you wouldn’t know he was a software developer. Using analogy and metaphor, he has the ability to take very complex technical systems and break them down into a cohesive picture that allows non-technical executives to fully comprehend the project details.
Steve Buttitta, Byte Sized Solutions
It would take me more than a paragraph to describe all the fine qualities Mike possesses as an IT expert and a person. His technical abilities and expertise surpass those of many consulting professionals’ I have worked with in the past. Mike has come through for us in demanding situations time and time again with swiftness, reliability, and outstanding results.
Michael Snegur, Advocate Healthcare
He is by far the best IT consultant I have had!…He is always positive and flexible, even under high-pressure circumstances and commands strong technical troubleshooting skills and programming skills.
Roger Crook, TriRivers Health Partners
Throughout the entire project of medical device EMR integration, which was a major step for our company, Michael Stonis always was the partner of choice helping us to achieve the expected outcome.
Andreas-Clemens Beunink, seca
With the new online application that Eight-Bot created for us, we have been able to cut approximately 80% of the administrative time dedicated to the tuition reimbursement process. This has satisfied a critical need in our organization to streamline the process to allow for departmental restructuring and additional incoming projects. We would absolutely look to Eight-Bot for future project needs!
Erika Johnson, Swedish American