Notify the people you care about that you have arrived safely or left your destination.

Perfect for family, friends or anybody that wants to know when you arrived or left work, home, or to a destination far away.

1. Select your destination and set a name.
2. Choose a contact and pick text message or phone call.
3. That’s it!

Once you get or leave your destination your chosen contact will automatically be notified that you have arrived safely or left. Your contact does not need the app or a smart phone. The app will send a txt to any mobile number or robo call any phone. Added an option to send a notification when you are leaving a location. Let your spouse know when you left work, or tell a friend you are on your way!

*Destinate does not share or store your location. Your location is only tracked and used locally on your device and NO personal or contact information is ever synced to the cloud.